Your Essential Autism Primer

This is a free, self-paced course that provides a solid understanding of Autism in a way that is neuro-affirming. This means we talk about Autism and Autistic people in a way that is respectful of who we are, our strengths and our challenges, and does not prioritise non-Autistic ways of being, thinking and doing.


Who is Autism Essentials for?

This course is designed for a wide variety of lived experiences as well as different levels of pre-existing knowledge about Autism - from those that are totally new to the topic to those that have formal education in Autism.

Whether you are Autistic, formally diagnosed, self-identified or think you might be Autistic, a family member or loved one of an Autistic person, a researcher, teacher, other professional, or ally, we hope you learn something new or deepen and extend your existing knowledge of Autism and the Autistic community.


What will I learn in Autism Essentials?

Autism Essentials focusses on five main areas:

  • Language
  • What Is Autism?
  • Brain Differences
  • Communication and Socialising
  • Thinking and Processing

This is a general course for everyone, how can I make sure that it works for me?

All learners access the same base information in the course, but each topic has multiple worksheets available for different levels of knowledge about Autism. You can choose to complete the level that best fits your knowledge, complete all worksheets, or return to the course work later on in your journey and continue your learning by completing further levels. We encourage you to learn in your own time and customise your learning in a way that works for you.

What is the format of this course – is it accessible?

This course features video content and accompanying worksheets. All videos are captioned and have downloadable transcripts. Course worksheets are available in PDF format and can be filled out digitally using a web browser or PDF editor or printed and filled out.

Do you collect my answers to the course content?

We do not collect your answers – this is a self-guided course, and worksheet activities are for your personal reflection only.

What if I want to learn more after doing Autism Essentials – what can I do next?

Reframing Autism has many other resources available, including blogs, podcasts, tip sheets, webinars, and targeted, on-demand courses for Autistics, families and primary caregivers and professionals. To explore our other offerings, visit our website at

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"As a professional it was brilliant to see information about Autism being presented from the Autistic experience. I think a course like this should be mandatory for any professional working with the Autistic community"

"I highly recommend this course to all health professionals and especially speech pathologists. I loved how complex topics (such as communication and language) were presented in a concise and interesting way without oversimplifying. I especially loved the tiered worksheets! As a professional working with families with different experiences and knowledge, this use of tailored language and carefully thought-out level of detail is super supportive and helpful!"

"A wonderful learning opportunity and certainly a powerful, positive, and affirming reframing of Autism. Highly recommend."

"I have not yet divulged my autism to some areas of my life, participating in this course has helped me to be more confident about being proudly autistic in all aspects so that I can role model neuro-affirming for my autistic daughter. Thank you."